This organization on internet that call themselves illuminati it's a fake illuminati organization to take your money. It's a scam organization and this scam illuminati website organization many times spams here on our site in comments sections. Offering people money to join.

The real illuminati organization are the elite banksters that control all the money in the world like the Rothschild and other most of them Jewish Zionists families high rank freemasons and members of other secret societies.

Gospel singer Nexxie has revealed that Illuminati, the secret society, are trying to recruit him after he released his single and have offered him mouthwatering goodies.

The gospel artist was entangled in a recent beef with Dj Mo posted the long conversations he had with the person claiming to be an illuminati member.

He claimed that secret society was after him and have even assured that that there will be no bloodshed or human sacrifices if he agrees to join.
“Swipe: The drama in my life seems like it's not going away any time soon. Immediately I released my new song #atakamthrough which encourages people not to give up on their goals because some day God will come through for them, Kingsilluminaty chooses to test my faith by asking me to get initiated into the illuminati. They promise a dream car upon initiation, fame, money, VIP treatment on all airports in the world, dream house in the country of my choice and many others. They even assure me that there will be no bloodshed or human sacrifices. Shetani ashindwe kabisa! I will wait upon God's promises in my life just like Abraham waited faithfully and all the glory will be to God our savior!’’ He posted.
Nexxie was on the headlines a few weeks ago after he claimed that he paid Dj Mo Sh20, 000 to keep his song on rotation.

Dj MO, however, vehemently denied the allegations claiming that Nexxie was looking for fame and was willing to do anything.
Here are screenshots from the alleged conversationThe conversation [Photo: Courtesy]The conversation [Photo: Courtesy]The conversation [Photo: Courtesy]The conversation [Photo: Courtesy]Source

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