We know how Facebook and other social media sites works.

As long as you post entertainment stuff for the sheeple then your good. But when you post the truth and try to question things in our society then they block you.

Yes this is true we are not making joke here.

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He thinks our all articles are spam.

This happen for one post we post "Jesus is God". All it has in that post is Bible scripture quotes that regards that position that God the Father and God the Son Jesus are together with the God Holly Spirit God. That's what the scripture says.

But some radical muslims reported that post even when in the post there is nothing about Islam or Muslims. They just did not like the Christian truth about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So now Facebook removed all content from our page and all our posts are flag as SPAM.
This is why we need your help from you facebook people.
Go back in notifications and click on the post that facebook removed it says it looked as spam.

Click on it and report it AS NOT SPAM.
WE NEED YOUR HELP PEOPLE to get back on facebook so people can read our posts and we can continue our work giving you the most important world news that will help you to Wake Up and wake up other people.

Thank you
Wake up call
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This is the worst censorship we are facing on facebook and other social media.
This is attack on freedom of speech, against our human rights and freedoms.

We don't have the right to talk and say what we think about things in society any more.

All social media is censoring the truth like Facebook did this.
New World Order is here and now it's time to WAKE UP.

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